ESS Influx Pivot Goggle Ops Kit Black

ESS Influx Pivot Goggle Ops Kit Black

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    ESS Influx Pivot™ kits provide a simple and adjustable solution for attaching ESS Influx™ Series... mehr

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    ESS Influx Pivot™ kits provide a simple and adjustable solution for attaching ESS Influx™ Series military goggles to any Ops Core® or other ballistic helmets equipped with the Ops Core® ARC™ Rail System. When seconds count, users will benefit from the advancements offered by the Influx Pivot™ goggle mount: easy donning and doffing, multiple secure stowage options, and rapid strap adjustment.

    The Influx Pivot™ replaces the Influx standard full elastic strap with two pivoting adjustable side-straps. The Influx Pivot system is engineered to be rapidly-affixed in the field while wearing helmet and gloves. Once mounted to its helmet-posts, the secured ESS Influx Pivot™ goggle can be repositioned or removed as needed.

    Key Features:

    • AVS™ Fog/Dust Control System
    • Quick-Adjust Strap
    • Optimized Field of View
    • Helmet & NVG Compatible
    • Anti-Fog/Anti-Scratch Lenses

    Ballistic Protection Standards

    The InfluxGoggle exceeds U.S. MIL SPEC MIL-PRF-32432, ANSI Z87.1 – 2015, OSHA & CE EN166


    By virtually eliminating lens fogging. The ESS Influx™ goggle allows users to maintain full situational awareness in dynamic environments. As part of the goggle’s patented Adjustable Ventilation System™ (AVS™), the Influx RotoClip™ silently pivots the position of the lens inside the goggle frame: choose either a dust-free, fully-sealed mode, or a fog-free, open-ventilation mode.

    ESS Influx Pivot™ Ops kit Includes:

      • 1 Black Influx™ Goggle

      • 1 Clear Influx™ Lens

      • 1 Smoke Gray Influx™ Lens

      • 1 Influx™ Pivot Strap Set

      • 1 Set of Mounting hardware for Ops Core® ARC™ Rail System

      • 1 Black SpeedSleeve™

      • 1 Goggle Soft Storage Case

      • 1 Flannel Lens Sleeve

      • 1 User's Guide

    • 1 ESS Sticker
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